Paranormal Nonsense: A cozy crime comedy mystery (Blue Moon Investigations Book 1)

Written by Steve Higgs
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

They misspelled your P.I. business advert and now you have people asking you to investigate their paranormal cases. What do you do?

Tempest Michaels decides to give it a go. There’s just one problem – he is convinced the paranormal doesn’t exist.

But his rational approach to each daft case soon hits a wall when a killer dubbed “The vampire” starts biting throats in his town. People think he should find the murderer!

Soon hip-deep in vampire wannabes that intend to kill him, aided by friends who are not that helpful, advised by a clearly deluded occult bookshop owner and encumbered by his mother’s attempts to marry him off because she wants grandchildren, Tempest Michaels has his work cut out and his Dachshunds might poop in his shoes if he doesn’t get home in time to feed them.

Paranormal Nonsense is a funny, cozy mystery full of action and suspense and is the first in a long series of adventures for Tempest Michaels and his dysfunctional group of friends.

What people are saying about Paranormal Nonsense:
A wonderful weekend read
A snark-fest, I laughed out loud multiple times.


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