Paradisi Escape: A Paradisi Chronicles novella (Paradisi Exodus Book 1)

Written by Cheri Lasota

Paradisi Escape, Book 1 of the Paradisi Exodus Series

Genre: Near-Future Scifi, Apocalyptic Earth, Colonization, First Contact

In near future 2094, Earth is on the brink of nuclear winter. A secret evacuation is already underway, and Solomon Reach and his crew have guaranteed passage on the last ship to leave for colonization and exploration of a new planet in the Andromeda galaxy. When Solomon learns of a betrayal that will have catastrophic consequences, he is faced with an impossible choice: who will live and who will die?

The Paradisi Chronicles Universe

In the last decades of the twenty-first century, ten families seeking to escape an increasingly devastated Earth focus their power and wealth on constructing spaceships that will allow a select few to leave Earth and colonize the world they call New Eden. Here, on their new home in the Paradisi System, these Founding Families hope to avoid the environmental and political disasters that were destroying Earth. But they find that the world they claim for their own is already inhabited, and the Ddaeran, although human in their appearance, possess abilities that the Founders and their descendants find both intriguing and frightening…



The Paradisi Chronicles is an open-source multi-author scifi universe set in a fictional planetary system in the Andromeda galaxy. Built by seven founding members of the group, Paradisi Chronicles has grown by leaps and bounds as more and more authors continue to explore 200 years of history spanning the flight from an apocalyptic Earth to the settling and expansion of the Paradisi System. Cheri Lasota’s first book, Paradisi Escape, covers the escape of the lower class Reacher group as they leave the Solar System on the 11th and final ship. Cheri’s Paradisi Exodus Series follows the Reachers across galaxies as they struggle to thrive on worlds that would wish they had never survived at all.

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