Orpheum: A Dark Fantasy Romance

Written by D.S. Murphy

The first man I killed roared like an animal. I tore off his head with my fingertips.

I spent a decade becoming the best violinist in my state – but a single letter dashed my hopes of a musical career. Desperate to escape my sheltered existence, I took a mysterious offer from a music school in Bulgaria. The culture and my new classmates seemed magical at first… a little too magical. My blood runs dark and hot as new emotions awaken within me, along with supernatural abilities that take my music farther than I’d ever imagined. They tell me I’m the key to everything, but only if I can keep my head.

That should have been easy. Instead, I follow my heart and kill everyone I loved.
Now I’m going to get them back.

Orpheum is a young adult dark fantasy romance based on Eastern European history, the myths and literature of Orpheus and Pythagoras’ theory of the music of the spheres. Readers who loved This Savage Song and Strange the Dreamer will love this hypnotic mythological thriller.

This book is for anybody who loves:

  • music and stories with violins
  • epic stories full of history and mythology
  • magical powers and supernatural creatures
  • Gothic themes and literature
  • tragic romances

This is PART ONE of the first book in the series.

“Believable and engaging characters – also very informative about music, European countries, and architecture. These elements nicely complimented the suspense and fantasy in the story.” -Amazon Review ★★★★


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