Onikymn Crystal

Written by RR Morris
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Kyle Larson’s wife unearths a unique crystal buried on the grounds of an ancient pyramid and then mysteriously vanishes. Nineteen years later, he revisits the site of her disappearance and is strangely transported in the midst of a hellish sandstorm in an unfamiliar place. The next morning he discovers a monument called the Onikymn and is rescued by an exotic alien female who whisks him away to her father, an Onikymn Overseer. He explains that the Onikymn crystal works in concert with the Earth’s sun, like a key, to open a dimensional portal between their worlds. Kyle agrees to return to Earth on a quest to find a lost crystal in exchange for being reunited with the love of his life.

It’s a race against time as he tracks down a sequence of clues that will lead him to the missing artifact. Beset from every direction by emerging threats, Kyle fights impossible odds against a malevolent nemesis with an impish army of nightmarish creatures, forced to engage in a world of danger and adventure that straddles the human and the supernatural, the past and the present, in search for the last Onikymn Crystal.

A spellbinding work of imaginative science fiction, RR Morris’ novel will impress readers with its command of historical epochs and alien intrigue….


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