Once Upon A Time In America

Written by Nick Vulich

Three great books by Nick Vulich in one volume


History Bytes: People, Places, and Events That Shaped America.

Don’t like history? You are probably reading the wrong books. Read this book, and you are going think, wow! Why didn’t somebody tell me that? American history is full of strange paradoxes, and that is what makes it so interesting.

The truth is much of what we learn about history is a series of little white lies that over time have grown into tall tales.

Shot All to Hell: Bad Ass Outlaws, Gunfighters, and Lawmen of the Old West.

For over 150 years the image of western bad men has thrilled readers and filled movie screens. Who hasn’t heard of Jesse James, the Dalton Brothers, Black Bart, or Belle Starr? They are as much a part of American folklore as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.

There is something about the West that has brought out the best, and the worst in mankind. The funny thing is, a cult following has developed around many of these bandits, making them out to be something they were not.

Dead Men and Dollar Bills: When the Dalton Brothers Rode in Kansas.

“There was no pain, just numbness.” Bullets popped and whizzed around him, but none of it registered. Emmett Dalton clambered up on his horse. He saw Dick Broadwell mounted on his horse. Behind him—Bob, Grat, and Bill Power lay on the ground—for all he knew, they were dead.

The clatter of guns seemed to grow louder.

Emmett began to ride away. He looked back, and, “saw Bob leaning up against a rock. All thought of money—of my own life or escape vanished. I only knew that I had to reach Bob.”

For a second time, Emmett Dalton rode back into the inferno to save one of his own. He rode through the crash of bullets, the splinters of wood flying from the store buildings. He rode up to Bob and leaned over in his saddle to pull him up.

He heard a loud explosion, and a great sleepiness came over him.

Emmett would not know it until much later, but Carey Seaman had unloaded two barrels of buckshot into his back. Altogether he took two bullets, and twenty-one rounds of buckshot.

“The Dalton Gang was no more.”

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