Once A Wife (A Mother’s Heart Book 2)

Written by Patricia Keelyn
Category: · Romance

At seventeen, Sarah Colby was scared and desperate.

Her marriage to Reece Colby was faltering. They were nearly destitute and their infant son, Drew, needed on-going medical care they couldn’t afford. Then her mother-in-law offered to ensure Drew got the medical attention he needed if Sarah would walk away. Believing she had no other option, Sarah accepted the offer—though leaving her husband and son was the hardest thing she’d ever done.

Now, twelve years later, Sarah still questions that decision. So when she learns that Drew’s in trouble, she knows it’s time to break her agreement. Drew needs the mother he’s never known and Sarah needs to help her son. But how can she face Reece after deserting him? And what will happen when he finds out about Lyssa, the daughter he doesn’t know he has?


Love Beats Fiercely in a Mother’s Heart

Enjoy this collection of heart-warming, small town romances about a woman’s love—romantic love as well as her love for her family.

Keeping Katie – Book #1
Once A Wife – Book #2
Where The Heart Is — Book #3
Also available in a three book box set.


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