Off The Grid Living: The, Prepper’s Guide, To Caring, Feeding & Facilities For, Raising, Organic, Chickens, At Home (Coops,Breeds, Working & Raising Poultry, … Guide To Off The Grid Survival Book 2)

Written by Dr John Stone
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You are what you eat. But, Dr. John Stone, extends that axiom further–you are what you eat, eats. Backyard Pet Chickens A Beginners Guide is a shocking report of what’s happened to our food and a comforting solution in how to help control the quality of what we eat by getting into organic chicken production. In an easy, step-by-step process, the reader is given a turn-key experience to starting a backyard chicken coop. Nothing is left out, not even observance of state and local laws—Dr. Stone covers it all—which is what makes this book stand out from all the others: it gives the reader honest, accurate information that can transform their lives while improving the quality of their diet and health.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why you should start a backyard chicken coop
  • How much space you should allocate to your chickens
  • If you should build or buy a chicken coop
  • How to choose the right breeds of chicken for your needs
  • How and what to feed you chickens
  • How to furnish your coop
  • How to properly care for your chickens in winter
  • Health and safety precautions you need to take when working with chickens
  • The best ways to deal with neighbours and city chicken laws
  • Much, much more!
  • Readers say…….

    “Clear, thorough, and a quick read. Packed with lots of information for someone who is considering backyard chickens. I normally get bored with non fiction books, but this gave me good and necessary info. And only took about 25 minutes to read. I should note that I have had my chickens for 2 years and wish I would have had a book like this before learning things the hard way. Also, this is not a super in depth book, just a basic overview”…….JW Slacks.

    “I am new to raising chickens and there was some useful information in here.
    We have started getting eggs now-exciting”……Eddie Fry

    “Helpful for the first time chicken owner. Good info on coop construction as well as feeding and maintenance of your flock”…………mominmd

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