Of Ice and Snow: Snow Queen Origins: A Fairy Tale Adaptation (Fairy Queens Book 1)

Written by Amber Argyle
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

“A captivating series!” –Jennifer A. Nielsen, New York Times bestselling author

The only shepherd in a family of warriors, Otec returns to his clan to find all the men gone to war. They didn’t bother to tell him, let alone ask him to fight beside them. When his mother sends him on a trifling errand in the high mountains, he looks back to find his village burning and his people taken captive.

Cut off from the help of the other clans and dodging raiders, he must become the warrior he was never meant to be. By his side is a foreign woman stalked by a dark, mysterious magic. Together, they race to save his family from a life of slavery. Worse, what he thought was a mere raid is actually a full-scale invasion.

In the end, the fate of the clanlands rests on the shoulders of a shepherd.
You don’t want to miss the first book in the Fairy Queen’s Series, a sweeping saga that spans two families cursed to be immortal enemies. Those families must find a way to forgive past wrongs and combine their magic – one of fire, the other of ice – to save their dying world. Buy it now!


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