Not Your Average Girl

Written by Keiera H.

Angel is a wild young lady who is one of the greatest blessings to her mom. After her mom Ka’Lani had given birth to her son Kwon she was told that she couldn’t have any more children. So, when she finds out she’s pregnant with Angel, she thinks that she’s the perfect angel that’s sent from above. Angel has endured so much in her teenage years, that she’s already aware of what to expect when it comes to the “Real world”. Starting off young and thinking that no one could tell her anything, she starts to go after whatever it is she wants. But, with the things she come in contact with, will become some hard pills to swallow. While falling in love with the wrong person, doing things she regrets, and ready to give up on life, she still stayed aware of it all. But, with the boss bitch attire she has, she feels that there is nothing, and that nothing will stop her shine, and anyone that gets in her way will be dealt with. Will she be able to stay on top, is she really the angel her mother thought her out to be, or will everything come crashing down? Join Angel on her journey to find out!


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