No Dream Is Too Big: How To Use The Power Of Desire To Get Anything You Want

Written by Vic Johnson
Category: · Business & Money

Is your life adrift in a rudderless boat on the Sea of Life?

Do you have a vague notion about what lies on the horizon, but don’t know how to get there? Stuck in a boring rut of everyday struggles and responsibilities and long to add deeper meaning and purpose to your existence?

No Dream Is Too Big is for the person who’s lost a job, or has ended a career, and is at a critical juncture about how to spend the rest of their life.

It’s for the man or woman who lives in a depressed neighborhood and thinks, I’d love to live there one day, as they see expensive high-rises in the distance.

This book is also is for the individual who has big-time aspirations, but doesn’t know how to make them into concrete actualizations.

Because there’s a specific reason you’re reading this book, it’s also for you!

In No Dream is Too Big you’ll learn:

* About the miracles that can occur if you have the courage to dream big.

* What ‘No Dream Is Too Big’ really means.

* How to create a healthy response to obstacles.

* What it means to be a dream-seeker and a doer all at once.


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