No Bake Cookies: Delicious and Irresistible No-bake Cookies

Written by Martha Stephenson

Everyone enjoy cookies, especially those that are homemade. There are just days when we are bursting from power, and when we can take over the world, but sometimes (in majority of situations) we cannot move since we are too tired from the work or daily chores. In these situations we could really use some sweetness to raise our energy, but are the kind of sweets that require minimum preparation.

No Bake Cookies are the perfect solution for those days when you are not thrilled with idea of kneading, mixing, and dealing with the hot oven. No Bake Cookies are (as the name says) cookies you can enjoy without baking at all.

These cookies are tasty and delicious just like the regular cookies, but requires minimum of your time.

With 50 recipes available in this book, we are sure you will find your favorite ones which you will be able to enjoy in 15 minutes or less.

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