Ninja Life Hacks: Program Your Brain for Maximum Confidence, Success and Inner Peace

Written by Michael Akitoshi Stinson
Category: · Business & Money

Does your brain feel like a cluttered desk? Papers stacked in piles, endless unanswered emails, teetering towers of leftover food wrappers?

How do you move forward? How can you accomplish your goals? How can you take command of your life?
Time to clean it up! Let Ninja Life Hacks help you through the discovery process.

The path of the ninja has fascinated followers for centuries. Many people understand the physical training, but few know the power of unlocking the ninja mind. Ninja Life Hacks provides you the tools to:

•Clear your congested mind
•Challenge your complacency
•Conquer and control your stress
•Create a more confident you

There are techniques here for you to successfully persevere in re-aligning the direction of your life!

Michael Stinson has more than 25 years of self-defense, personal self-development and martial arts study under his belt. He is a student of Black Belt Hall of Fame Member Stephen K. Hayes as well as the world renowned Gracie Academy out of Torrance California. He has spent his life on a personal Quest for the most powerful tools to forge a happier and more successful path through life!

See what some of Michaels mentors have to say on about his book:

“In Ninja Life Hacks, author Michael Akitoshi Stinson shares several of his “attitude evolutions” – ways of making life work better, closer to the way life was meant to be. “

Stephen K. Hayes
Black Belt Hall of Fame

“Michael Akitoshi Stinson has written a book brimming with valuable tools for those hoping to make positive changes in their lives. His approach, which uses a wry sense of humor and relies on a firm grasp of his own flaws and struggles, allows us to get close to difficult situations and concepts that might otherwise slip away.”

Kyoshi Brett Varnum
Discovery Martial Arts Association


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