NextGeneration Healthcare: Proven Secrets of Managing the Healthcare Value Chain to Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs

Written by NextGeneration Benefit Advisers
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The time for NextGeneration Healthcare is here! It’s time to empower employers to drastically reduce their healthcare costs while simultaneously providing better benefits, care, and outcomes for their employees. Healthcare costs in the U.S. have steadily risen every year for decades and recently, these costs have exploded. As costs and insurance premiums rise, employers shift more of the costs to employees out of financial necessity, thus making healthcare unaffordable for employees and unsustainable for employers. But answers – proven, effective answers – exist and are readily available. The authors of this book – innovative NextGeneration Benefits Advisers who have rejected the status quo in both benefits and healthcare – reveal many of those answers. Most important, these NextGen Advisers debunk healthcare’s Big Lie – that the C-Suite has no control over the cost of healthcare. Despite the story that’s been told repeatedly for decades, CEOs and CFOs certainly can control healthcare costs. It shouldn’t surprise these business leaders that rising healthcare costs are a result of mismanagement of the healthcare supply chain. Fortunately, NextGeneration Benefits Advisers are expert at applying supply chain strategies to build a true Healthcare Value Chain that delivers quality outcomes at fair and reasonable prices often reducing costs by 20 to 40 percent or more in the first year. In NextGeneration Healthcare, you’ll discover proven strategies and solutions from NextGen Advisers from around the country who will reveal how they are helping large and small employers create remarkable results so, read the book and discover these methods so you take back control of your organization’s healthcare costs once and for all.


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