Nazi’s Dark Secrets: Who was the Furher’s Heir? (Nicolina Fabiani Series Book 3) Revised Edition

Written by Yvonne Crowe

I’ve long though the author’s work to be extremely cinegraphic and this one is no exception. Beginning with a prologue that could almost be out of The Temple of Doom (where we are taken “deep within the mountain of Abi-Genos, in the Cavern of the Gods”). James McCormick author of the Dragon series

Gripping thriller about Wewelsburg Castle in Wesphalia where the Nazi elite carried out the arcane ritual of the Schwarze Sonne, The Black Sun.

Did Hitler die in a bunker in Berlin? Why was his body burned along with Eva Braun’s? To cover up his favorite body double being killed in his place while the Fuehrer was spirited out of the country to South America by his favorite commando Otto Skorzeny?

Lina and David’s association has deepened into a romantic relationship despite their hair raising careers. When Lina wasn’t haring off to Iraq or some other war torn country, David was fulfilling missions for Metsada, the Operations branch of Mossad, while maintaining a cover as a Professor of Ancient Languages and Archaeology at the American University of Beirut.
The couple are drawn into the mystery of Hitler’s death when the Israeli Intelligence Agent’s grandparents who are Auschwitz survivors, are murdered in Tel Avi by a Nazi assassin. Determined to avenge their deaths the couple follow the trail of Hitler’s obsession with German mythology which leads them to an ancestral castle on the Rhine owned by a prominent German politician, where a clique are determined to resurrect the specter of the Third Reich.
Can Lina and David stop them before the world is engulfed in this madness again?
Perfect for Dan Brown, Steve Berry, Daniel Silva fans


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