Native Americans: Explore the History of Native American Tribes, Culture, Traditions, Religion, Mythology and More (Native Americans, American History Book 1)

Written by Michael C. Torres
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Explore the history of America’s first inhabitants

“Ultimately, this country has a rich history stemming from its vastly diverse cultural roots. Our country is built and made more special by its people‚Äôs diversity. Therefore, we should learn to embrace and celebrate our differences.

A lot of valuable lessons can be learned from the history of Native Americans. If we pay attention to their culture and traditions, we may learn a few things on how to become better citizens to the land that they tried so hard to fight for. Looking back at their incredible resilience, we should have more appreciation of what we have today in this nation.”

In this book, Michael C. Torres dives into the history of the great Native Americans tribes that once inhabited all of mainland America, exploring facets of their culture, traditions, tribal structures, mythology, religion, and more!

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn about…

  • Tribes and Cultures
  • Notable Warriors and Battles
  • Notable Chiefs
  • Religion and Mythology
  • …and more!

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