Mystery in Bluewater Bay (The Bluewater Bay Series Book 3)

Written by Deanna Edens

Mysterious events just keep popping up all over town. Jackson Maris, a respected historical preservationist, has accepted a job restoring an old mansion only to discover he has taken on more than he can handle. There is a mysterious man who keeps sneaking around town. Even worse an old secret may be revealed which could destroy a prestigious family. Can Clarissa Miller, the local librarian, solve these puzzles before things get out of hand?

Accompanied by a host of familiar characters such as Neddie and Liz, the proprietors of Bluewater Bay Antiques and Collectibles, Maris Robinson, a newcomer to the area, and the usual suspects (a.k.a. tap dancing Sequinettes) you will leave Bluewater Bay wishing you could visit this delightful, yet unpredictable, town. (Well, if things ever settle down.)

All proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to Monroe Humane Society, Monroe, Michigan.

Mystery in Bluewater Bay is Book Three of the Bluewater Bay Series.
Book One – Bluewater Bay
Book Two – Christmas Comes to Bluewater Bay
Book Three – Mystery in Bluewater Bay
(Even if you haven’t read the previous books you will not have a hard time catching up!)


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