My Warped Italian Catholic Childhood: Little Rosemarie of the 50’s is Confessing Sins at the Gossip window

Written by Rosemarie Chauvin

My Warped Italian Catholic Childhood is a comedic throwback to the fifties era. In this comedic memoir, Little Rosemarie is a misplaced ward of the times. Her attempt to adapt to the traditions of her culture, coupled with the dogma of the Catholic church is overwhelming.

Because the tale is narrated through the eyes of an innocent child; her recollections are even funnier and engaging. Little Rosemarie trudges through her daily life questioning her puzzling existence. Guilt, sin, the devil, the lack of sex education, and the unmerciful instruction of The Sisters Of Mercy befuddle the sprite.

She implores Jesus to submit to her wiles by bribing Him! The Blessed Mother is her go-to-Jesus-ally. The devil is her comrade when it fits her situation.

She realizes that her family is dysfunctional, but can’t figure out the definitive answers or origination of the flaws. Her grandfather must have been the culprit—he was a mean, angry man.

He initiated the craziness.

The gossip window is the predominant and popular form of communication of the times.

Come sit at the window. Lend her your ear. Little Rosemarie is about to confess her innermost secrets.

If you don’t care to laugh and enjoy a fun tale of the times. Stop reading. On the other hand, if you can relate or have lived the experience with the Italian/Catholic tradition, continue on and purchase the narrative.
If you like history and are curious about past eras to compare and contrast; and have a laugh sensor in your brain; this story is for you. This religious comedy is refreshing, unique, and at times shocking! Disappointed, you will not be. Scroll down and click the purchase button.


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