My Truly Most Favorite Fluffy Friend

Written by Pamela Tomlin
Category: · Children’s Books

Did you know that possibly half of American adults still have their cherished childhood teddy bear or other stuffed animal friend? Stuffed animals are so much more than just stuff and fluff! They help young children handle emotion and ease stress.

Find out how Emma meets and comes to love her cherished stuffed animal collection. There is a bunny, a seal, a puppy, a bear, a monkey and a kitten. They are much much more than just stuffed animals to Emma. They are her dear friends.

Learn how they help Emma ease her fears. Will she lose her friends? What does Bunny Blue tell her about friendship? Read, “My Truly Most Favorite Fluffy Friend,” to learn the answers!

Research has shown that playing with stuffed animals and dolls allows very young children to explore emotions.
In May 2009 there was an article written by Kathleen M. Reilly for Parent’s Magazine entitled, “First Friends: Toddlers and Stuffed Animals.” In the article she discusses in six steps how children benefit from this type of play. Some of these benefits include, dealing with emotion, learning language, and getting along with others. In the world we live in today, these benefits may be worthy of our attention. Research has also found that reading to stuffed animal friends is a positive way to encourage children to read.

Just as adults enjoy reading for pleasure, so do children. Reading for pleasure may help your child become a better reader.

This is a timeless story. It is a wonderful story for your child to read to their stuffed animal friend, or a story for you to read to your child at bedtime or anytime.

The illustrations in the book are absolutely beautiful. You may enjoy reading the e-book, but to truly appreciate the art, I sincerely recommend the paperback!

Enjoy, “My Truly Most Favorite Fluffy Friend!” This is the first book in a series. Book II, “Bunny Blue, Where Are You?” will follow soon.


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