My Little Dragon goes to sleep: Humorous picture rhyming book for kids age 3-8, cute and funny bedtime story about a naughty dragon and her patient mother full of love and acceptance.

Written by Anna Swan
Category: · Children’s Books

My Little Dragon goes to sleep is a cute humorous bedtime story about a little dragon girl with a great message for kids aged 3-8.

Flame-ella, the little dragon girl,
was on her way to bed
when Mama asked her if she’d like
to hear a story read.

“No,” Flame-ella told her mom.
“I really won’t like that.”
“It’s a story about a kitty,
who grows up and gets very fat.

What happens, when Flame-Ella, a little dragon girl, says No to everything her mama suggests? What does Mama do to get the little dragon to go to sleep? Well, she suddenly gets an idea that could very well solve the problem.
The story is one of unconditional love and acceptance from mothers who are always there to support their children, even when they are “naughty little monsters”.
My Little Dragon goes to sleep is a wonderful bedtime story for kids, aged 3-8, and their parents.

This book has a great message for kids:

  • Teaches to be more tolerant
  • The story is a good way to help children first understand their behavior
  • The story about unconditional love and acceptance from mothers
  • And also:

  • Fun illustrations with perfect rhyming text
  • Quickly captures children’s attention
  • Deeply touches mother’s heart
  • Paperback version includes COLORING PAGES at the end of the book to entertain your child!
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