My Happy Pregnancy Cook Book: 40 Feel Good Recipes Including Naughty Eats and Wellbeing Treats

Written by Emma Thomson

“Tasty, safe and a little bit naughty recipes for pregnancy”

Read this book to feel confident about what’s good to eat for you and your baby when you’re pregnant. This pregnancy cook book is written by a mum of three who has a diploma in antenatal teaching, loves to cook and has researched and summarised all the latest thinking on this subject. This lovely, feel good cookbook is filled with delicious, nutritious pregnancy recipes that are quick, easy and safe to eat in pregnancy and allow for a naughty treat now and then. There are many conflicting stories about what’s good and not good to eat while pregnant. This book cuts through the fads and fashion and confirms simply what is safe, good, tasty and easy to make.
Food is a great way to celebrate any special occasion. Get this book and celebrate your pregnancy at each stage by enjoying great food that makes both you and your baby very happy and healthy.


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