Music Career: Making Your Music Work For You (The Science Of Generating Money By Licensing Your Music To TV and Film)

Written by T Whitmore
Category: · Arts & Photography

Are you an independent musician who wants to be able to increase your passive income?

If you own the publishing to your music you can make money with it. It’s as simple as that.

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This book explains, without all the jargon, why music publishing is so important and how to go about achieving success. It also covers many helpful topics including:

  • Information on writing great songs
  • Recording your music and building a profitable catalog
  • The importance of owning your master recording
  • Copyrighting your work and signing up with a PRO
  • How to interface with the music industry to sell your songs
  • The advantages of submitting your music to established music libraries
  • Carefully thought out advice for making it in the music industry.

Your music and the music you put out there can become your net worth. How much you produce and what you do with it can be the difference between success and failure. With this book as your companion, success is made easy. You’ve worked hard on your music, now it’s time for your music to work for you!

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