Murder, She Floats (A Penning Trouble Mystery)

Written by Rachael Stapleton

Journalist Penelope Trubble arrives in Bohemian Lake to help her dad with an assignment — but soon finds herself caught up in a treasure hunt! Can she unearth the million-dollar coin or perhaps just the age-old secret that’s attached to it.

With a contest prize of $10,000 on the line, the small town of Bohemian Lake is more crowded than usual with vacationers on the hunt for a planted replica of the rare 1913 Liberty Head nickel that, according to local legend, was lost to the lake over fifty years ago. With the help of a spitfire local and the town’s handsome new detective, Lucky Penny takes the bait and goes diving for the story behind the legend of the million-dollar coin. Unfortunately, her dive turns up more bodies than bounty. The deeper she digs, the more secrets she unearths, but someone else is hunting for the real treasure and they’re willing to bury Penny.


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