Murder in Disguise (A Bobbie Monaco Mystery Book 1)

Written by G. J. Smith
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

While on her way to meet friends for a day of summer fun, Bobbie Monaco’s life is drastically changed. Injured, in shock, and pending criminal charges, her family knows the only way to get her back is to keep her life as normal as possible. She accepts a position as assistant to PI Goodwin Hubbard the Third.

When Dylan Reese is found dead, the police are quick to rule it a suicide and focus their efforts on rescuing another student swept away by the Republican River.

Judge Bernard Weaver doesn’t believe his nephew would take his own life and hires Goody to investigate. Together, Goody and Bobbie travel to Manhattan, Kansas to investigate, but will it be enough to help Bobbie, or will she succumb to her grief?


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