Mr. Ruin: An SF Thriller (The Ruin War Book 1)

Written by Michael John Grist
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Your mind is the battlefield.

In the war that devastated the world, ex-marine Ritry was a ‘Graysmith’ – an elite interrogator who dived deep into the hellish fires of enemy minds. His efforts made him a hero, saving countless lives, but also scarred his sanity and lost him everyone he ever loved.

Now Ritry sees a chance at redemption. A shadowy figure known only as Mr. Ruin offers him an awesome power – the ability to dive not just into minds, but into the fabric underlying reality itself. Ritry could rewrite his past and start again.

But there is a terrible cost – as Mr. Ruin demands Ritry’s absolute loyalty. And Mr. Ruin is not a good man, with vicious deeds in mind.

Ritry only has to choose.

A powerful stranger hunts a broken ex-marine into the hellish fires of the mind. ‘Inception’ meets ‘Bladerunner’ in this blistering SF thriller. If you like Snow Crash, The Matrix or Dark Matter, you will love Mr. Ruin – scroll up and get your copy now.

Amazon readers have said:

“… a mind-twisting thriller through the tsunami-ravaged future.” – Christine Hooker.

“This is powerful science fiction with lyrical prose.” – John Chris.

“Loved Mr. Ruin and look forward to reading the rest.” – Bestselling thriller author Robert Ferrigno.

“This is Grist’s best work yet!” – Rob Nugen.


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