Mourning Reign

Written by Edward Hancock II
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

An armed-and armored-terrorist breaks into the Longview Police department, shooting anything in his path before detonating the explosives hiding beneath his body armor. As retired police detective Alex Mendez waits for news of his injured cop wife’s condition, the whole of East Texas begins to dig out from the carnage visited upon it. While Alex sits with Lisa, the television screams with reports of similar attacks in small towns all across the country. They’ve struck again. And just as it had on September 11th, 2001, the game has dramatically changed. As the local law enforcement adapts to being overwhelmed for such carnage, Alex is forced to wrestle with demons both personal and professional. When terrorists connected to the cell group responsible for the Texas attacks kidnap a severely injured Lisa Mendez, the stakes are raised for Alex yet again as he weighs the hazards and benefits of coming out of retirement or sitting on the sidelines, leaving his family’s fate in the hands of strangers. Terrorists have invaded his country. They’ve destroyed his town. Now they’ve raided his home. They’ve drawn the line in the sand. Badge or no badge, Alex Mendez is just the man to take the fight right back to them.


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