Monstrous Creatures: Monsters & Creatures. Lore & True Tales.: Encounters with Creatures of the unknown. Lore & True Tales.

Written by Steph Young

Who says Monsters don’t exist…? In this book there are dark true tales of creepy Skin Walkers, haunting Shape-shifters, the cannibal Wendigo, monstrous Man-Wolves, vengeful Fairies, ‘Things’ with Wings, ‘The Hidebehind,’ ‘The Stick Men,’ Goat-Men, The Bunyip… & many more monstrous creatures; terrifying creatures that arouse our darkest fears. Lore or real? – From the witnesses in this book, it would seem that the truth is far more frightening than the fiction.
Here follows some mysterious true tales of monstrous creatures… True scary stories which expose our darkest, deepest fears…True-life monstrous creatures & their deadly deeds throughout our dark history & lore. Strange & mysterious, curious & intriguing, horrifying and terrible; when monsters come to life….
Bestselling author Steph Young has appeared on National radio shows including Coast to Coast Am. Steph is an independent researcher, addicted to researching all Supernatural, Paranormal, Esoteric & enigmatic Mysteries and Lore. Each book seems to lead her to further questions & searches for answers, as the Mysteries inevitably deepen & develop into ever more complex riddles in the spectrum of the Unknown. Steph Young also has a podcast called ‘Masquerade Podcast with Steph Young.’

(Formerly entitled Predators in the Woods: ‘Monstrous Creatures: Monsters & Creatures: Encounters with Creatures of the unknown. True Tales.’)

In the dark, strange things happen….and not everyone returns alive


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