Mongolian Interior: An Expatriate Experience

Written by Lori Younker

When the Younkers agreed to serve in the newly formed nation of Mongolia, they encountered a rich land of adventure and discovery. Living cross-culturally had its unique challenges for the survival of their family.

The post-Soviet years for the Mongolian people were one of transition and struggle. Along with a hundred other expatriates from several nations, the Younker family observed the transformation of Mongolia as outsiders, felt it as insiders, and made it their home from 1995 to 2000.

These nine short stories journal the interior, psychological nature of each family member’s experience. Enjoy their memories in every detail, preserved by the original watercolor and ink illustrations by LAUREL SPRENGER.

—–in praise of MONGOLIAN INTERIOR—–

For all who have ever wondered what it would be like to experience life in a Mongolian yurt or that frigid moment where Fahrenheit meets Celsius (forty degrees below zero), Lori Younker’s touching and delightfully written memoir is just the book for you. This collection of beautifully illustrated essays captures some of the joys, frustrations, cultural challenges and personal sacrifices experienced by the author and her family while living in Mongolia from 1995 to 2000 as part of a community of expats from around the world. Put on a very warm sweater and wool scarf, and let these heartfelt essays take you along on an incredible Mongolian adventure, lovingly told and remembered.

—Cathy Salter
Author of Notes From Breakfast Creek and Notes From Boomerang Creek


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