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Written by K.A. DeWolf
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Personal and Family Money Management Guide

50 Budgeting, Personal Finance and Money Management Lessons

Learn Actionable Personal Finance and Money Management Lessons To Help You Save and Improve Your Family Budgeting Habits

If you’ve interested in this book, chances are you’re looking for a little financial guidance. Perhaps you’ve fallen on hard times, and hope to find some tips here. Maybe you’re just someone who wants to seriously examine your expenditures, finding ways to set more money aside for the things you want to do. This isn’t a book for the wealthy or well-to-do. It’s not an investment tome or motivational magnum opus.

I’ll be discussing simple money management tactics you can implement today to improve your financial health, highlighting the savings of some of the steps you can take. I’ve divided the book into six simple chapters, each dealing with a broad classification of money saving tips.

In the first chapter, “A Swift Start”, I discuss steps that anyone can take right away to help get their finances under control. I’ve included two illustrative sample budgets, quantified savings for simple lifestyle and purchase changes, and given general tips to minimize spending and maximize savings.

The second chapter, “Tough Times”, is exactly what it seems to be. Inside, you’ll find advice and strategies to help you in periods of hardship like job loss or unexpected expenses. Don’t skip over this chapter if you’re doing alright, though– most, if not all of the suggestions can be applied in any financial circumstance. I highlight discount and thrifting opportunities, as well as retailers and apps that can save you quite a bit in both the short and long term.

“Frugal Family” contains advice on not only minding your household budget, but also ways to help your kids learn about the importance of saving and patience. I cover techniques to save time and money in the kitchen, spending your time wisely, and managing allowances.

The chapter “Moderation in a Modern World” addresses some of the most common problems of living in our fast-paced, modern society. Fast food, media consumption, shopping, card usage, and devices are all covered in detail. I break down food and drinks to cost and benefit, comparing them with more frugal alternatives.
“Dismantling Debt” deals with the ins and outs of debt elimination. It’s an extremely complex subject, but I’ve done my best to condense it into practical, easily understood tips.

In the last chapter, “A Sample Story”, I profile a single accountant in Denver named Selim. In this example, I present the implementation of some of the most important and effective tips outlined in this book, so you can see them applied in practical ways.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • Understanding budgeting
  • How to track expenses and build a budget
  • Dos and don’ts for budgeting
  • Thrifty spending
  • Strategies to always save money when you buy
  • How frugal family enjoys life while saving
  • How to avoid wasteful spending on modern day convenience/li>
  • All about debt: credit cards, interest rates, consolidating debt and more
  • A sample money management story
  • Tons and tons of tips to start saving money now
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