Momma Do You Hear My Cry?: A Raw and Gritty Urban Story of Abuse, Neglect, and Survival

Written by Makayla Townsell

“Why does my momma love drugs more than she loves me?”
Throughout Makayla’s childhood, she was dragged through the streets of North Omaha at all hours of the night. She was exposed to more immoral and dangerous behavior in her first decade of life than most people experience in a lifetime. From seeing her mother inhaling crack, to waking up in unknown houses all alone, her childhood was anything but stable, carefree, or easy.

Momma Do You Hear My Cry? tells the heartbreaking story of what life is like for the daughter of an addict whose biggest concern is getting her next fix at any cost. But it also sheds a bright light on Townsell’s desire to grow and learn, and brings hope through experiencing the faith and resilience of a woman who refused to live life as a victim.

In Momma Do You Hear My Cry?, Makayla Townsell breaks down the walls of shame, despair, fear, anger, and pity by sharing her story. Townsell carefully and artfully reveals her childhood of confusion, anger, and neglect as she searches for the answer to the most resounding questions in her life.


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