Momentum Goal Setting: The Anti-Corporate Method for Setting Goals That Will Truly Grow Your Business

Written by Philip Williams
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Would your company be more fun if everyone was motivated by your business goals?

How fast would it grow?

Would you like to set goals that build momentum in your business?

The Harvard Business Review wrote that the use of stretch goals is common however their successful use is not. The Economist’s Intelligence Unit reported that 90% of businesses miss their goals every year.

Why does this keep happening?

The problem isn’t that your goals aren’t worth pursuing. The reality is that everything you’ve been taught about BHAG’s and Stretch goals runs counter to how employees actually feel and react when they receive these grand goals. If you learned your goal setting approach in a corporate setting then you’re misinformed about what works.

Fortunately, there are some great examples of goal setting that works. Over the last 15 years there have been several studies published that show why these practices work and why the old ways don’t.

Building a Successful Business Takes More Than Leadership Hacks, SMART Goals, and Big Hairy Audacious Goals

The first section of Momentum Goal Setting uses real world examples to illustrate which goal setting approaches have worked in real world situations and which haven’t. Many companies have paid dearly in dollars and damaged reputations for bad goal setting practices.

Reading these stories will help you avoid repeating their leadership mistakes and learn about goal setting practices that have yielded wonderful results.

To Build Your Business You’ve Got To Get Good At Building People

If you’ve been looking for a goal setting approach that will make running your business more fun and more profitable, this is it. Momentum Goals are not SMART goals, nor are they Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

A Momentum Goal solves the problem of “getting buy-in” and uses an approach that builds on the successes you’ve had in your business no matter how small or large they may be.

By leveraging your successes, the value of streaks, and the dynamics of your team, you can move the pace of growth in your business from a place where you always feel like you’re pushing to one where you enjoy supporting your team and clearing the way for them to accomplish greater achievements.

Section Two of Momentum Goal Setting walks you through four key concepts you need to understand:

  • How an employee decides whether or not they believe they can achieve a goal
  • Four ways can you can show them that they can succeed at a goal
  • How to start momentum in your business using goals
  • How to determine where you should be setting the goals in your business today.

Finally, momentum in a business often dies because companies begin to feel entitled to their success. A chapter is devoted to helping you avoid that fate.

Keep the Momentum Going

Because this approach to goal setting will produce great results you need a system for managing the changes that come with a faster growing business. Successful businesses experience stress on their processes, employee roles, and with staying focused.

Section three is devoted to some very simple and straightforward tools for managing the changes you’ll encounter as your business grows and for helping you to maintain the momentum. You’ll learn:

  • A simple rule and technique for auditing your processes and job descriptions, and
  • How use momentum to win more business and hire great people.

Sprinkled throughout are helpful pointers on key conversations to have with your team as your business grows.

Momentum Goal Setting also comes with additional resources you can download to help you in leading your business through several years of fast growth.


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