Missing Persons Cases: 12 Chilling Events That Lead to the Most Bizarre True Police Stories Ever (Missing People)

Written by William Myron Price

12 Chilling Events that Lead to the Most Bizarre True Police Stories Ever…

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Even with every effort we take to provide safety, the danger still exists. Thousands of people per year go missing and are never heard from again. The missing person is a unique phenomenon, one that is so powerful that it can grip the public in fear as well as unite it. Some cases garner national attention, others are local legends.

Men, women, and children are all subject to the possibility that today may be the last day the see their loved ones. Some cases are runaways, others abductions. The cases range from sex trafficking to murder, to kidnapping, and even fraud.

Within the pages of this book, you will uncover a dark and seedy world that lies right outside your front door. It may even lie within the walls of your own home. Not all cases are committed by creeps, pimps, and guerilla drug cartels. Within these case files, you will find grandmothers, step-mothers, and fathers alike.

In today’s society, one would think that it would be nearly impossible to lose track of someone. What you find instead is an ever growing gap in which people can disappear without a trace. These twelve stories are some of the most perplexing and mystifying cases that you will ever read…

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Inside…

  • Missing Persons Cases: Investigation Gone Terribly Wrong
  • Missing Persons Cases: The Price of Addiction is Steep
  • Missing Persons Cases: Stepmom, Where are We Going?
  • Missing Persons Cases: Capsized and Lost Without a Memory…
  • Missing Persons Cases: We’re Having a Baby!
  • Missing Persons Cases: Photoshoot from Hell?
  • Much, much more!

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