Missing People: Disturbing Stories From The Last 100 Years: People That Disappeared Without A Trace (Conspiracy Theories, Missing Persons, Unexplained Disappearances, Unexplained Mysteries)

Written by Roger P. Mills
Category: · History

Disturbing Stories From The Last 100 Years: People That Disappeared Without A Trace…

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We often see flyers of missing people – many of them are children who perhaps enjoyed too much of their escapade that they were separated from their parents. Others were probably adults suffering from a mental condition that rendered them incapable of returning home. Other missing people cases, however, are far more intriguing and creepy…

For example, would you imagine a group of passengers abandoning a ship even though it was still capable of operating? If pirates killed them, then why would they bother bringing the bodies? Another case was about three friends who went missing after talking to a man with blond hair. They boarded a boat, according to some witnesses, but what transpired in the boat is still a mystery…

Other cases such as a lost plane, a missing woman with bipolar disorder, and a police cover up on the disappearance of a teenage boy can also be found in this book. So… if you want to share creepy real-life tales to friends during a bonfire session, then get ready for some disturbingly weird stories…..

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Inside…

  • Missing People: The Sad Story of the Sodder Children
  • Missing People: Dianne, Her Finger, and a Bag
  • Missing People: Last Seen at Kinross
  • Missing People: Three Gone Missing at the Beach
  • Missing People: Where are the Keepers?
  • Missing People: Rebecca and Her Wonderful Work
  • Much, much more!

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