Miss Prince

Written by Alicia L. Wright

Lucinda has a wicked stepfather to defeat. Not hers, her father is very nice and is letting her save up for that plane ticket she wants so badly.

No, she’s been employed as a prince, her boss having run out of real ones, and she has dragons to fight, damsels to rescue and a usurper to dethrone.

And to do it she’s got the help of a witch who won’t use magic, a vampire who won’t terrorise the villagers(much to their annoyance) and two princesses
who might have qualified as damsels in distress if only they weren’t causing so much of their own.

In the Otherworlds, where your species can be a job description and good is expected to win over evil without even breaking a sweat, it should have been easy.

But the stories are breaking, and nothing is that simple any more.

Is a plane ticket really worth all this..?


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