“Miseries of Occupation: A Child Survivor Remembers”

Written by Konstantinos Koskoletos
Category: · History

Iasona is six years old when the Nazis invade Greece. He is struggling to not only survive the harsh conditions that were ever-present for centuries in the mountain village of Killini (in the Peloponnese) but he is suddenly pitted against two archenemies: the Nazis; and an all-powerful—Uncle Iaveris!—his nemesis from birth.
Meanwhile, our hero’s father, Leonidas, is taken prisoner by Greek Nazi collaborators who terrorized ordinary Greek citizens who were desperately unaware of the political forces swirling around them.
This is a memoir of unparalleled emotion as we follow Iasona’s struggles against a dangerous backdrop of war and witness his determination to solve the mystery surrounding his father’s unjust capture and subsequent execution.
Konstantinos Koskoletos is a child survivor of the Nazi occupation. He graduated from the Archimedes Engineering Academy, then emigrated to America where he founded an engineering firm, married, and raised three children. Now retired, at 80 he is writing about those early years.


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