Minimalist Budget Tips: Simplify Your Money Management

Written by Daniel Mooy
Category: · Business & Money

Minimalist Budget Tips
Simplify Your Money Management

More than just being budget tips for the minimalist, this book is also about the virtues of minimalism. This minimalism is influenced by frugal spending and, in turn, frugal lifestyles are influenced by minimalistic tendencies.
There is a lot that needs to be deciphered and demystified, especially when it comes to understanding the commonly spoken terms of minimalism, budgets, frugalism, debts, and loans and so on. Minimalism has come into the mainstream consciousness because of new age popularity in recent years. As with all things, minimalism has been severely misunderstood, misrepresented and misplaced to fit the narrative that is in the public bloodstream.
When you do not feed the body with nutrition, hydration, and air, it dies; if you don’t feed the mind with intellectual sustenance, it erodes, then dies; finally, the soul – it too can die when we deprive it of peace and happiness. Understanding this truism will help you fully understand the effects, benefits, and nature of minimalism.
This is the path that we will traverse in this book – the path to budgets that foster minimalism, while assuring that the soul is happy and thriving. There are three areas that correspond to the three parts of our total self. Silence, peace and happiness relate to the soul. Living, fear, safety, food, and drink are areas that relate to the body. Appearance, power, control, egotistical issues, and worry, are all issues that cloud the mind.


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