Mini Habits: 7 Successful Mini Habits to Revolutionize & Skyrocket Your Results In Life (Small Habits & High Performance Habits Series Book 2)

Written by Jason Marks
Category: · Business & Money


This will be a book on mini habits which are small simple actions you can implement and apply every single day for incremental success in your results in life. Whether that be in your business or professional life, with your health and fitness, with your relationships, and your overall happiness in life.

This book will break down change and transformation of your behaviors, actions and results in life down into smaller manageable chunks and mini habits. This is not to say that these strategies will mean you work less hard, set smaller goals, and not push yourself at all. There will be some mini habits that will help you work this into your life in a smart way so that slowly it becomes a natural part of how you operate in your day to day life. Also at the same time they will cause an immediate change in your actions, your energy levels, productivity which will in turn lead to those significant results.

These will get easier and more effortless over time as they start becoming a habit that will become programmed into your subconscious mind.

Inside this book you will discover:
-The 7 mini habits to skyrocket your results in all areas of your life (wealth, health, relationships, happiness, etc)
-Practical exercises and activities to program these habits into your everyday life for immediate change starting today!
-Tips & Strategies to completely internalise these habits into your subconscious so they stick!
-and much, much more!

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