Mine Forever #1 (The Billionaire Biker Series)

Written by Weston Parker

It’s been 10 years since graduation, and I still think about her.
It’snot right. I’m a military man, a billionaire, a criminal.
I don’t have the right to think about anyone the way I do her.
My life is one mess after another, but finally, something cuts through the fog.
Her.My high school sweetheart.
And she’s not a smart-mouthed girl anymore.
She’s a strong woman.
My woman.
And after we reunited, she got pregnant with my baby.
Why would she keep something like that from me?
Right.Because it’s not safe, thanks to my brother.
I can’t blame her for being afraid, but there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her and my child.
This is book 1 in a three book series. You will need to read the other two books to finish the story. 

Every good girl deserves a bad boy ~ Weston


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