Milkshakes and Murder: A Comedy Cozy (Mom and Christy’s Cozy Mysteries Book 3)

Written by Christy Murphy
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Will they solve this ice cold crime in time?

Each mystery is complete. Read in any order!

Everyone’s favorite mother and daughter catering/crime solving duo returns for another adventure.

Mom’s quest to win “Best Milkshake” in the Fletcher Canyon newspaper sparks a rivalry with the neighborhood diner. But when the judge dies after tasting Mom’s milkshake, Mom and Christy’s catering business flat lines.

Mom’s sure it was sabotage gone awry, but Christy thinks it was murder. Can she convince Mom to widen her list of suspects before their catering reputation is damaged for good?

Find out in this fun, comedy cozy! No graphic violence. No language. Cute cat!


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