Microsoft Project Do’s and Don’ts: The definitive guide to jumpstart your project

Written by Sam Huffman
Category: · Business & Money

Microsoft® Project Do’s and Don’ts will help you:
Organize your project to suit your reporting requirements.
Gain confidence in creating, updating and closing our your Project files quickly and correctly.
Get the most out of Project without wasting your time or effort!

Why create a book of this size?
“I wanted to have no more than 150 pages so that it is easily fit into a briefcase or portfolio. With a small footprint comes portability. I haven’t seen too many 1000 page tech manuals pulled out of a backpack and referenced in an airport. This one could be.” Author of Microsoft® Project Do’s and Don’ts, Sam Huffman

What others are saying, “Sam Huffman has been a Microsoft Project expert for many years and one of the best in the industry. Microsoft Project Do’s and Don’ts covers the reality of what project managers need to master with Project without getting bogged down in every nook and cranny of the tool.”
— Bill Dow, bestselling author, The PMO Lifecycle: Building, Running, and Shutting Down

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