Medicine Men Power Stories: Eyewitness Accounts

Written by Pippa Pralen
Category: · History

For believers of the Mysterious: Eyewitness accounts of healing, telepathy and supernatural powers of native American medicine men and medicine women. Early settlers described powers of the medicine man unknown to the Europeans. power to psychically locate game in the wilderness, foresee the future, heal. Native Americans “radio”, the Shaking Tent, to communicate over long distances. Accounts of Jesuit priests in Canada in 1600s. Divination or “reading the bones” as a tool to the unconscious. The False Face society. Stories from white captives who retuned to civilization. Mankind’s lost ability to speak with animals. Like taking a journey into a time of wonder and mystery. Shamans use of tobacco – why schizophrenics smoke so much.

Reprecocity with nature, how the hunter “obtains power”, indigenous definitions of power. This book takes you from the 2-dimensional modern world to muli-dimensional world of the Indian, where animals, rivers and mountains talk. Filled with photos and images, compiled from years of research from original source material.


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