Mean Streets – Life in the Apartheid Police (Book 2) The Mean Streets (Mean Streets Police Books)

Written by Jacobus Kotze
Category: · History

The Mean Streets Book Series are a warning. It will show you what happens when unscrupulous politicians gain control of a highly-disciplined national Police Force and there is no “Bill of Human Rights” to stop them from implementing the country’s laws. No matter how unfair the laws may be or no matter what opposition is faced, these police officers will not turn a blind eye or walk away. Walking away is not what they do, they will react in kind every time and violently if needs be. The men were feared with good reason, they were brutally effective and true to their traditions, yet they also showed kindness and saved life, unrecognized at times. The various Mean Streets Books were read by many, criticized by some and loved by a lot more. They deal with the service years of the author in the South African Police Force between 1985 – 1991, the last few years before Mr. Nelson Mandela is released and just after. The South African Police Force had almost nothing in common with a Sheriff’s Department or the “Bobby on the Beat” – think Marines with police powers and you are closer to the truth. The highly-trained policemen were fighting terrorists as mechanized infantry besides being policemen, dealing with “normal” crime in between. The statistics show that 90% of all terrorists were killed by the South African Police Force, not the Army, 98% of all terrorists inside South Africa died by police bullets. The Police also had more, a decade more, experience in counter insurgency, learning their trade during the Rhodesian Bush War. Their daily duties involved dealing with vicious and brutal crime, counter terrorism, counter insurgency and full scale riots, depending where they were. This, the second book in the Series, is an honest and unconventional account of the author’s time on the mean streets of South Africa. It is not a mere police biography but a much deeper look on how an honorable police force became an “instrument of terror,” mostly because of politics way above the policemen’s pay grade. Some will be upset by the contents but there are many humorous anecdotes as well. A fascinating account that needs to be read.


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