Mayan Civilization: Explore the History and Mystery of the Ancient Mayan Ruins, Religion, Calendar, and More (Mayan Ruins, Mayan Religion, Ancient Civilization, Mayan Calendar)

Written by Michael C. Torres
Category: · History

(Explore the History and Mystery behind Mesoamericas most powerful and ancient civilization)

With this book, you will delve into the fascinating history behind the most powerful, ancient and revered Mesoamerican culture: the Mayans. You will learn about their life from the pre-classic period in 2000 B.C. all the way to their demise at the hands of the Spanish Conquest in 1500-1600 A.D.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn About…

    • The Mayan Calendar
    • Mayan Religion and Human Sacrifice
    • Agricultural Practices
    • Monuments and Cities
    • Society and Politics
    • Early Forms of Writing and Numbers
    • Art, Architecture and Culture
      • “You are about to embark on a journey that will take you back several thousand years into the past to witness the birth of an ancient civilization. Discover how the Mayans proliferated from a small network of tiny villages into a metropolis of epic proportions, deep within the heart of the tropical lowlands of Mesoamerica”
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