Mastering Your Camera: Learning to use the creative controls

Written by Robin Whalley
Category: · Arts & Photography

Why does every SLR and Compact System Camera have the same M, A, S and P modes?

The answer is simple; these are the controls demanded by professionals and those who are serious about photography. This is because these settings that allow you to take full control of your camera. They are the “secret” to capturing great photography.
But to use these controls effectively you need to learn the fundamentals of photography. This is where this book will help you:

You will learn how to use the camera’s aperture to control depth of field, helping you emphasise or hide elements of the photograph.

Learn how to control the shutter speed to freeze fast moving subjects.

Understand how to achieve the best exposure and control the “exposure triangle” to select the best aperture, shutter speed or ISO setting.

Maximise your image quality.

Learn how to select the best point of focus in your photograph.

Understand when to use a tripod or monopod in your photography.

How to understand camera lenses and recognise a high-quality lens from a poor compromise.

You will also learn the language of photography. Terms such as exposure, shutter speed, ISO, f-stop, focal length, dynamic range and more will all be fully explained.

When you apply the information in this book to your photography, you will improve. It’s packed with helpful advice and guidance that photographers at all levels can benefit from.

This isn’t a book written by someone who knows the theory of photography. The author is an experienced photographer with a passion for helping others learn the craft of photography.

Read this book and learn the foundations for success with your photography.


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