Manna From Heaven: The Gary Thibodeau Saga

Written by T.M Priest

“Where’s Heidi” The Heart breaking True Story….. 1994….The Land of OZ Gary Thibodeau arrested for the kidnapping of Heidi Allen. No motive, no weapon, no body, no evidence and not one witness placing Gary at the scene of the crime. Two jail house snitches help seal Gary’s conviction 25 years to life. Assistant District Attorney Donald Dodd calling the snitches a “Manna From Heaven” But were they? It would take more than two decades for the truth to reveal itself for missing Heidi Allen. When two brilliant Federal attorneys walked in to Gary’s life starting the battle to free Gary The Innocent Thibodeau. ” Truth is Dangerous. It topples palaces and kills kings. It stirs Men to rage. It wakes old grievance and opens forgotten wounds.-Frances Hardinge


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