Manipulation: Dark Psychology – How to Analyze People and Influence Them to Do Anything You Want Using NLP and Subliminal Persuasion (Body Language, Human Psychology)

Written by R.J. Anderson
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Dark Psychology Series Book #5

How can you persuade someone to do exactly what you want? Better yet, how can you do so without them having the slightest idea you’re doing it? What if there was a way to make people do your bidding while believing the action was their idea in the first place? To have the power that ensures your requests are met without hesitation! If there were such a power, would you take it? Not only does such a thing exist, you can find it here! The answer lies within dark psychology. Within this book is the knowledge you’ll need to master manipulation using methods such as:

  • Neuro-linguistic programming
  • Subliminal Persuasion
  • Cold Reading
  • “Shot gunning”
  • Body language analysis
  • Understanding behaviors
  • The “vibes” of a person

With these persuasive techniques, you’ll be able to manipulate anyone to convince them to do anything you want them to. You’ll have the ability to convince others you can read minds by learning how every psychic has achieved their success with the power of cold reading. You’ll understand the psychology of advertisement and how you can use the science of manipulation psychology from a simple scene, photograph, or spoken word. You’ll know how to learn about everyone around you before you’ve even spoken to them as this book delves into different aspects of analysis. Delve deep within a person and learn exactly what makes them unique through the use of analysis, cold reading, and other unusual tricks you’ll learn reading this book. Contained within this book are:

  • Tips and tricks: how to manipulate another person
  • The rules of persuasion
  • How to work parlor trick magic
  • Detailed examples in real world situations
  • Stories of real manipulation experiences
  • A step-by-step guide on manipulating others with NLP

Never again be the victim of manipulation. Be it a medium, the television, a poster advertisement, or the salesman that won’t leave you to your shopping. The tables will turn around as you become the master manipulator. Once you’ve read this book, you’ll be an expert in persuasion. Anyone you want will do anything you please!


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