Manipulation: A Psychologist’s Guide to Highly Effective Manipulation Techniques – Influence People with Persuasion, Mind Control, and NLP (Manipulation, Persuasion & Influence Book 3)

Written by David Clark
Category: · Business & Money

Effective Techniques for Manipulating, Persuading, & Influencing People!

All of us have experienced manipulation in some form or another in our lives. It can present itself in the form of a commercial on television, a billboard ad on the street, or a sales person that is trying to convince you to purchase a product or service. It can commonly be experienced in your social or personal relationships such as your friend asking you to borrow something, or your mother convincing you to attend a family reunion.

There are many different types of manipulative techniques and this psychological guidebook will spend some time to look at how manipulation could be affecting you and how to use it in your benefit. Some of the topics that will be covered include:

  • Defining and understating Manipulation
  • How to spot Manipulation
  • Verbal communication and nonverbal communication
  • How do manipulators usually pick their targets
  • The NLP communication model
  • The 6 weapons of influence
  • Manipulative relationships
  • How to counteract manipulation
  • The importance of increasing self-esteem

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