Man of the Century

Written by James Thayer

“A breezy, impeccably researched picaresque.” – Kirkus, starred review.

One glance from a stunning redhead sends Woodrow Lowe on a desperate 25-year odyssey.

It is 1879, and Woodrow Lowe is the fifteen-year-old son of a Boston saloon keeper, who is chums with the great bare knuckle prizefighter John L. Sullivan. John L. has knocked out every ring opponent he has ever faced, but his saloon pals challenge him to do something never done before: knock out a horse.

This startling challenge leads Woodrow to the sight of hair that is wildly crimson and to imperious blue eyes that enthrall him, to the beauty of Amy Balfour. Once he and the crimson beauty lock eyes, Woodrow is never the same again.

So begins Woodrow Lowe’s careening adventure, sometimes pursuing Amy Balfour, and sometimes fleeing from her. For in Amy, Woodrow has found a cruel manipulator whose self-regard and arrogance are tempered only by greed.

His journey will take him to San Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt, to China with the Dowager Empress, to an Arabian harem with the Khalif, and to Brazil with Amazon women warriors. If he survives Amy and his journeys, life through his eyes will be forever changed.

“A wry and entertaining tall tale that will appeal to fans of Thomas Berger’s Little Big Man and Allan Gurganus’ Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All. — Seattle Times.



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