Man Hunting in Memphis

Written by Rhonda Russell
Category: · Romance

Wedding planner and all around romantic Georgia Hart secretly harbors the hope that one day she will find what her weddings advertise–true love. She’s had plenty experience with true-fools, true-deadbeats, true-liars and true-cheats, but when her last boyfriend steals her mother’s diamond engagement ring, then skips bail and Georgia is left with no choice but to join forces with bad-ass bounty hunter Linc Stone, she soon discovers that she hasn’t had any kind of experience with true-lust. Inconvenient? A bad time? Out of the question? Most definitely. Her last foray into the dating pond resulted in her losing an irreplaceable heirloom and a big chunk of her self-respect. Hooking up with a perpetual frat-boy look-alike with a set of abs that make her drool might feel like a good idea, but in reality would be a disaster. Under the impression that love will come like a tidal wave and knock her off her feet, Georgia doesn’t realize she’s gone and given her heart to Linc Stone until it’s entirely too late.

Linc Stone might look like a perpetual frat-boy, but he’s got an old soul and he’s a sucker for a sad case. Though she’s the most put-together, organized woman he’s ever seen, Georgia Hart is a mess–a hot one–but she’s nothing he can’t handle…and handling her soon becomes his prime mission…


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