Mail Order Bride: Katie (Orphan Brides Go West Book 3)

Written by Vivi Holt

When tragedy strikes, Katie finds herself pregnant and alone in 1800s Boston. Unable to trust anyone, she and the baby face a dismal future.
Norwegian immigrant, Kristoff, owns a thriving business in Sacramento. Even with all his success something is missing, and he longs for a companion to share his life. But after the California Gold Rush, eligible women are hard to find.

When Katie arrives in California she’s sure that marrying Kristoff is the only way to care for the baby growing inside her. She wants to be honest with him, but she’s afraid if he knows about the baby he’ll abandon them, and she has no one else to turn to.
He’s looking for love, but soon becomes convinced that she’s keeping something from him. How will he feel when he discovers the truth? And will it be too late?

* This book is a sweet, western, historical romance. It is part of the Orphan Brides Go West series, but is a standalone story. This series can be read in any order.


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