Mai Tais and Murder: A Tiki Mystery (The McCreadie Mysteries Book 1)

Written by Andrew Culver
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

In book one of Andrew Culver’s McCreadie Mysteries, law school dropout Aristotle McCreadie has just inherited a bunch of money from his dad, a lawyer to the stars. Now that he can do whatever he wants, he moves to the California beach town Playa Santiago. He is determined to spend his days in a houseboat lying in the sun and drinking mai tais at the legendary tiki bar, Pirate’s Cove.

But something weird is happening in this idyllic town. A wealthy old real estate mogul, and patron saint of Pirate’s Cove, has just been murdered in his sprawling mansion. And whoever did it knew exactly how to dismantle the alarm system, where his cash was hidden, and where his most expensive antiques were. Now everyone in town seems to think it’s no big deal and no one wants to answer Aristotle’s questions about it.

Aristotle can’t enjoy his mai tais when an unsolved murder is killing his buzz. Now weird things are happening at the victim’s house at night, and to complicate things, a sexy local girl wants to show him all around town. Which would be great if she didn’t have a boyfriend in grad school in Portland.

Why are the police so eager to pass off this crime as an isolated robbery? And why are people whispering about big real estate plans for Playa Santiago? Suddenly Aristotle gets the suspicion that this perfect little town is about to get very tacky and very crowded. Now the future of Pirate’s Cove is in jeopardy, and this will mean the end of the best tiki bar, arguably, in the world. Which means that dozens of drinks with secret family recipes may be lost forever. The Pooka Pooka Bowl. The Mexican Mai Tai. The Naked Surfer Girl. All lost. And Aristotle can’t let that happen.

The good thing about tiki bars is when the liquor flows, people talk. So, in the interest of justice, Aristotle must go to Pirate’s Cove to get information out of these weird and colorful locals. With each mai tai he will get closer to the truth, and he may just save this town.


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